About Us

Who Are We? Would You Like to Find Out?

4K Metal, which is founded at 2011 in Hatay/Dörtyol with the aim of introducing of new technologies for improving and implementation of medium and large sized projects and contributing to the achievement of industrial sector to the modern level while following the latest trends, has attained a reverent and permanent place with its professionalism, creativity, integrity and market developing skills that has been going on since its foundation.

The firm continues to be one of the prominent firms in the sector due to its following-up of developments and new demands at the market while it has a strong management with financial and administrative unit.

Our firm, which continues to bring into life great engineering projects, also functions with a production oriented vision at the every corner of our country while keeping exportation at its focus.

4K has always set as its goal to use modern execution techniques and to produce quality certificated products which makes it a highly preferable engineering firm.