Renovation of the scraper loader systems of No: 3 and No: 4 threshing machines in 130 stock areas within the İsdemir Factory site,

The modernization of the chain drive system and its evolution to the Gear drive system,

Project engineering services required for the evolution of the drive system,

Making the system run smoothly with 2000 t / h capacity and ensuring operational continuity,

Rotor design in two-way working order,

The only reducer-motor group that can work bidirectionally,

Bidirectional moving scraper bucket system,

Lowering the sprocket gear consisting of 12 parts with 5000mm diameter at 30 degrees angles to 2 parts,

Flashlight and pinion gears machined from wear-resistant special forged steels,

Wear-resistant special wear ring and special roles and supports,

Electricity infrastructure and commissioning,