The project of establishing a pressure drop station to reduce 9 bar oxygen gas from the 8th air separation facility in the İsdemir factory to 3.5 bar and activating the compressors by pulling a gas line to the two existing Sulzer Gas oxygen Compressors,

– Getting a license,

– Reinforced concrete works of infrastructure and pressure reduction station,

– Making pipe bridges,

– Drawing of the oxygen line,

– Drawing of purge nitrogen line,

– Air line drawing for pneumatic instruments,

– Drawing cooling water lines for compressor cooling,

– Laying cables and carrier pipes / pans for feeding, signals of actuator valves,

– According to the EIGA IGC Doc 13/02 / E Oxygen Piping systems specification;

– Application of 100% Rt,

– In-pipe blasting,

– Removal of chemical and oil from the pipes.

– Passivation of the pipes,

– Degreasing works of instruments,

– Resetting the oil in the system by taking a sample from copper plates by performing a blast test,

– Commissioning the system by taking nitrogen and oxygen into the system,

– Creation of electrical supply and signalization of the whole system,